July 18, 2016

[VIDEO] Gülen: The truth will eventually come out, let us focus on integrity and togetherness of our society

Q: Is there any message that you would like to send out to the people of Turkey?

A: One one side, we hear certain allegations and discomfort from certain groups of people. On the other side, we see certain people being exposed to oppression and suffering; they are being crushed under the allegation of horrendous acts. I would like to ask all of them to keep their calm. I would suggest that they not rush into any conclusions. Time is the most significant interpreter we have. Let us allow time to interpret, uncover and resolve this issue.

Also, Allah (God Almighty), whom we have full faith in, will allow for the truth to come out sooner or later. And every person will then see things for what they truly are.

Indeed, we must not lose our balance. The nation of Turkey, the people have been polarized and separated greatly. The repair that is needed requires a great effort on all our part. Society needs to undergo a rehabilitation process. In this respect, it would be wrong to bring about new wounds and tears.

The integrity and togetherness of the society.. that is what needs to be preserved.. and whatever that may require, we must do what we need to do.

Published on HerkulNagme_EN YouTube Channel, 17 July 2016, Sunday