April 24, 2015

Dimensions of the Authoritarian Drift in Turkey

Alp Aslandoğan

Turkey's journey of democratization toward EU membership stalled and made a U-turn during the third term of its ruling party AKP. Turkey's democratizing reforms have been both a state policy and a popular path throughout 90s and were accelerated under then-prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2003. The reversal of this journey started also under Erdogan, at the dawn of his third term in power in 2011 when he began an authoritarian drift.

Aid organization head blasts terror probe

The president of the Turkish charity Kimse Yok Mu (Is Anybody There) has criticized people who accuse the organization of engaging in terrorist activities.

April 23, 2015

Nigde physicians offer health screening to needy Kenyans

A volunteer team of physicians at Kimse Yok Mu Nigde chapter went to Kenya to provide health care to the needy in Malindi city, suffering from serious diseases due to undernourishment and scarcity of drinking water.

Turkey criticized for press freedom violations at European Parliament event

Turkey was criticized for cracking down heavily on independent and critical media at a seminar held in the European Parliament (EP) on Wednesday.

Samanyolu an alleged terrorist organization

Gültekin Avcı

The judge was recently assigned and it was first time we saw him.

April 22, 2015

Kimse Yok Mu deputy chair: “We are probably the sole Turkish NGO with a chapter in Palestine”

Kimse Yok Mu deputy chair and director for Ankara chapter Ibrahim Cicek noted the foundation has spent nearly 3.5 million TL on its Palestine donations over the past year. “We are probably the sole Turkish NGO with a chapter in Palestine.”

April 21, 2015

Russian scholar: Gülen promotes peaceful education for a world mired in conflict

Prominent Russian scholar Professor Rostislav Ribakov has praised US-based Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen for the schools opened around the world by his supporters, saying that these schools are bringing up a new generation of students who uphold world peace.

World renowned NGO-rating Global Geneva stands by Kimse Yok Mu

US-based philanthropic consulting firm Global Geneva stands behind non-governmental organization Kimse Yok Mu, and slammed the ludicrous terror charges being put forward by the politically motivated witch hunt from the Turkish government.

Samanyolu high school ranks first in Infomatrix Asia and Pacific Olympics

The Eskişehir Samanyolu Gülbahar Anatolian High School, whose students won two gold, three silver and two bronze medals, has ranked first in the Infomatrix Asia and Pacific Olympics held in Kazakhstan.

Mufti office evicts educational center accompanied by police

Accompanied by police officers, officials from the mufti office in the Muratpaşa district of the southern province of Antalya met with the officials from Durmazlar Group Educational Center on Tuesday after having ordered the group's eviction from a building Durmazlar has the legal right to use until 2017.

Palestinian woman denied visa to Turkey for treatment, says Kimse Yok Mu official

Harun Tokak, the Jerusalem office director of Turkish aid organization Kimse Yok Mu (Is Anyone There), said on Monday on a TV program that the charity was not allowed to bring a Palestinian woman to Turkey for medical treatment due to complicated visa requirements imposed on Palestinians by the Turkish government.