July 17, 2016

[VIDEO] Fethullah Gülen comments on rumors about the coup attempt in Turkey

Q: What is your opinion about the possibility that they (the Turkish gov't) staged this coup attempt themselves; are there any findings that suggest this?

A: In my opinion, how the incident took place is not like a coup. It is more like a sham. High level officers were not involved. In the past, coups were staged by high-level army officers, like generals etc.

I do not know what level officers were involved in the latest attempt. But in terms of how it took place, it seems more like a scenario to me.

There are also rumors. Some people approach the matter in a way that suggests 'they plotted it themselves to strengthen their power, to do the retrenchment he wanted to do.'

There are also his (Erdogan's) statements afterwards. He said things like "Now our hand became stronger. We can easily fire the army officers whom we wanted to fire on the basis of this [coup attempt] category."

When we bring all these together, it is what we make sense of the entire statements made before and after the incident.

We cannot say it absolutely. Saying, 'it clearly happened this way' would be an imputation. However, it is one of the possibilities that come to mind based on the considerations I mentioned.

Published on HerkulNagme_EN YouTube Channel, 17 July 2016, Sunday