November 7, 2013

Afghan-Turk schools wins 147 medals this year

The Afghan-Turk schools operating in Afghanistan get the thumbs up with the medals they have gathered in international science contests. They have become the country’s pride and joy by winning 147 medals in total throughout the year, making the overall number 359 since the establishment of the schools.

In an effort to encourage further achievements and honor the participant students, an award ceremony was recently held at the schools’ Kabul campus. Afghan Minister of Education, Faruk Vardak presented their medals to the students. In attendance of the ceremony were high profile Afghani officials alongside Turkey’s Ambassador to Kabul, Basat Ozturk, and Afghan-Turk Cag Educational Institutions President, Numan Erdogan.

Following the award presentation, Afghani minister Vardak in his address said, “Turkey has always assisted Afghanistan in education. This ceremony is intended to honor the Afghan-Turk schools’ high quality education and their students’ efforts. I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate the students, teachers, administrators on the achievements and medals accomplished.”

Turkey’s Ambassador to Kabul, Hon. Ozturk commended the schools for their effective education, which he considers a top-priority service.

Next, Cag Educational Institutions President, Erdogan, said Turkey and Afghanistan have long-established friendly relations. He further offered his congratulations to the participant students, their families and teachers. Finally, the medal winner students alike expressed their gratitude to their teachers and families for their support.

As the ceremony was drawing to an end, there was a surprise in store for the minister Vardak. The minister was expected to cut the ribbon of the school’s conference hall bearing his name, which took him by surprise.

Excerpted from the article published [in Turkish] on Cihan, 4 November 2013, Monday

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