January 18, 2013

Afghan-Turkish schools awarded with 'Kabul Regional Medal'

Afghan-Turkish Cag Education Foundation is awarded with 'Kabul Regional Medal' by Ayyub Salengi, the Chief Commanding Officer of Kabul Police.

Chief Ayyub Salengi paid a visit to Mr. Numan Dogan, CEO of Cag Education Foundation. Salengi praised Turkish schools and said: "Afghan-Turkish schools give high quality education. I saw the beautiful education services of Turkish and Afghan teachers at these schools" He awarded Afghan-Turkish schools with the Kabul Regional Medal because of their services and high quality education.

Published on Zaman Daily, 12 January 2013, Saturday
English version retrieved from http://www.hizmetnews.com/index.php/latest-news/item/753-afghan-turkish-schools-awarded-with-kabul-regional-medal

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