October 28, 2015

Thank you Turkey

Erhan Başyurt

I extend heartfelt thanks to all the journalists, intellectuals and politicians who raised their voice against the unlawful seizure of the İpek Media Group.

People with different views showed a dignified stance that has been long sought after by Turkey.

We thank all who personally came to our offices and expressed their support, sent messages or mails and supported us through social media against the pressures and unlawful acts targeting our media outlets.

We want to join forces with all in our fight for democracy and freedom and in our justified legal resistance, and we invite all to strengthen the solidarity.


The decision to appoint “trustees” to BUGÜN and Millet dailies, BUGÜN TV and Kanaltürk is, as described by legal experts, “politically-motivated usurpation and a modern example of banditry.”

It is just meant to seize some very strong and solid companies in Turkey and to strip them of their assets. Reports by the Ministry of Finance and its Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) reveal that the Koza Group is “fully clear of any wrongdoing and is in a perfect shape.”

But three court experts have considered the “flawless and perfect” state of the Koza a crime. And upon this groundless view, a judge decided to appoint trustees to some of the largest and highest tax paying companies in Turkey.


Shame on you!

You have trampled on the law.

You have violated the freedom of expression and opinion.

You have destroyed the right to inform and the right to be informed.

You have seized private property and put an end to the security of private property.

You violate Article 30 of the Constituting on the ground of Article 133 of the Code on Criminal Procedure (CMK).

You cannot seize media outlets and transfer their management to trustees.

That decision amounts to blatant censorship and unlawfulness.

Every act of the trustees who attempt to carry out unlawful orders will be “null and void.”

Since such acts are bound to bring losses to the company, they will lead to material compensation.


You have done everything you could to silence the İpek Media outlets.

You have put pressure on advertisers.

You have imposed accreditation ban.

You have removed them from digital platforms.

As if these were not enough, you have tried to have them removed from satellite platform through unlawful orders.

Yet you could not prevent our reports from creating stir.

You have considered them “equal” to the tens of TV channels and newspapers in your possession.

You have tried to silence them through unlawful “seizures.”

You have made a mistake again. God willing, you will not be able to silence them.

You will not be able to prevent us from speaking out truths.

What you don’t understand is: We are strong because we tell truths and are on the side of truth.

We will continue speaking out truths through every media outlet available.

Published on BGNNews, 28 October 2015, Wednesday