April 12, 2016

Journalists and Writers Foundation's press release

Journalists and Writers Foundation

We are currently witnessing a new slander campaign that seeks to coax the public into believing there is a link between the Hizmet movement and the terrorist organization Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

We would like to reiterate that the Hizmet movement has never seen violence as a way to claim rights and rather, it has categorically denounced all forms of terrorism.

Just a few years ago, those who impose the enigma called the "Settlement Process" with the promise of solving the country's 40-year-old festering sore, i.e., the Kurdish issue, accused the Hizmet movement of being the "enemy of Kurds" then. Those circles who were unable to tolerate even the slightest demand for transparency, original contribution or questioning regarding the said process have rushed to conjure up an affinity between the Hizmet movement and the PKK when things went out of control.

The Hizmet movement is today faced with the opposite of what it was accused in the past. Therefore, we ask: Are those who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of police officers and soldiers as well as civilians, the displacement of civilians, the destruction of our historical heritage and the suffering of the relatives of martyrs trying to whitewash themselves by channelizing the accumulated anger in the society to the Hizmet movement?

The very profile of politicians who accuse police officers and soldiers of being members of a "parallel state structure" when they are alive and who secure the front ranks at their funerals when they die is an insult to the conventional wisdom of our people.

Violence is getting more and more worrisome with each passing day and our most urgent wish is that it ends quickly without tearing up the bonds of brotherhood. The government has all the mandate, resources, responsibility and blame in this regard.

Published on Journalists and Writers Foundation, 12 April 2016, Tuesday