July 23, 2015

Gülen extends condolences over terrorist attack in Suruç

Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen has expressed in a message his deep condolences over the victims of the terrorist attack in Suruç and over the death of a soldier in a terrorist attack in Adıyaman province.

"May God have mercy on our citizens who lost their lives in the malicious Suruç attack and on our soldier who was martyred in Adıyaman. I extend my condolences to their mourning families and relatives. I pray for al-Shafi [one of the names of God in Islamic theology meaning the healer] to grace His healing on our wounded ones. I once again condemn terrorism and terrorists on the occasion of this atrocious attack," said Gülen in his statement on Wednesday.

Commenting on the bombing, Gülen said: "The deplorable terrorist attack in the Suruç district of the city of Prophets, Şanlıurfa, has once again pulled at heartstrings. Evil powers have again played their dark games by targeting our young ones. With their devilish attacks, they are trying to darken the future of this land, block the progress of our beloved nation and set us against each other."

Gülen, who inspires millions of people worldwide with his social and religious teachings, also said, "My hopes and prayers are that our people's patience, common sense and self-restraint will prevent the evildoers' dirty goals."

Published on fgulen.com, 23 July 2015, Thursday