June 21, 2015

Iftar in Turkish school in Romania

Turkish schools operating in Romania hosted an iftar dinner, attended by thousands of people, on Saturday evening.

Lumina schools in Romania, which have been conducting their educational activities for 21 years, invited 1,000 people, including Turks and Romanians, to its annual iftar dinner organization. George Grigore described the atmosphere in the room, saying: “We have been invited to a Turkish iftar dinner. It has become a tradition here and has become the symbol of understanding and friendship. People from different beliefs are gathered here, but there is perfect tolerance and harmony.”

A Turkish businessman, Erhan Demirhan, also expressed his emotions, saying: “As Alawites, we see these schools, with both Romanians and Turks, providing the atmosphere of tolerance, love and respect.”

Excerpted from the news article published on Sunday's Zaman, 21 June 2015, Sunday