April 20, 2015

Journey to Noble Ideals: Droplets of Wisdom from the Heart

What is a cause? This question is posed early in the searing new collection of questions and answers by Fethullah Gülen, one of the most influential and necessary thinkers of our time. In Journey to Noble Ideals, Mr. Gülen lays out his beliefs on how a person can navigate the tumultuous waters of contemporary society while still pursuing a higher cause.

Journey to Noble Ideals by Fethullah Gulen
Building upon a lifelong devotion to that higher cause, in sections such as “Balance and Moderation,” “The Qur’an and Scientific Discoveries,” “Keeping up Sincerity of Intention and Having a Consciousness of Self-Criticism,” “Reforming the Society,” and “Respect for the Sacred,” Gülen beautifully expounds on some of humanity’s most cherished traditions – the need for sound knowledge and wisdom, the importance of a multi-dimensional education, and above all, the dignity of every human life, regardless of cultural background, race, or creed. In these wise essays, readers will find guidance about many of their questions regarding faith and spirituality, family, social life and relations.

Gülen’s ideas have inspired millions across the world, encouraging them to pursue investments in dialogue, education, and human rights. For those already familiar with him, Journey to Noble Ideals will deepen their understanding and inspire them anew. For those unfamiliar with Gülen’s beliefs, Journey to Noble Ideals is a perfect introduction. In this new volume, they will be exposed to ideals that are at once timeless and fresh – ideals that point the way to the one, true cause.

About the author: Fethullah Gülen (1941 –) is one of the most influential Muslim scholars in the world. His ideas have inspired millions to take part in a civic movement of intercultural and interfaith dialogue and educational activism, which produced hundreds of quality schools and dialog organizations in more than 150 countries. Originating in Turkey but becoming increasingly transnational, the Hizmet (Gülen) Movement has represented novel approaches to the synthesis of faith and reason, education, spirituality, and peaceful co-existence in diverse societies. Gülen is the author of many books. His works are also available in many world languages. His official web site: fgulen.com.

Title: Journey to Noble Ideals: Droplets of Wisdom from the Heart
Author: M. Fethullah Gülen
ISBN: 978-1-59784-348-5, 6 by 9 inches, paperback $14.95, 272 pages
Published by: Tughra Books
Distributed by: NBN - National Book Network
Publication Date: December 2014

Published on PR Web, 20 April 2015, Monday