December 22, 2014

‘Arrest warrant’ issued for Gülen under article cancelled in 2012

Nurullah Albayrak, the lawyer of Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, expressed the “arrest warrant” issued for Gülen under Turkish Penal Code (TCK) Article, was cancelled by the Constitutional Court (AYM) in 2012.

On Friday, the 1st İstanbul Penal Court of Peace decided to issue an “arrest warrant” and penned a letter to the Ministry of Justice to issue a “red notice” for Gülen on suspicion of defaming the allegedly al-Qaeda-linked terror group, known as “Tahşiyeciler.”

Expressing that the Interpol and US will not arrest, and extradite Mr. Gülen to Turkey, lawyer Albayrak said “I am telling you as a lawyer who researched how the US and Interpol take such decisions; the notion that my client will be arrested and returned to Turkey is just a dream when factoring in the claims and accusations.”

Underlining that the judge issued the “arrest warrant” under the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) Article 277/7, Albayrak said “the warrant issued under the article has cancelled by AYM on March 17, 2012.”

According to TCK Article 277/7, “if a victim of defamation has suffered any administrative or legal measure, with the exception of prison; the suspect could face three to seven years in prison.”

Published on BGNNews, 22 December 2014, Monday