September 9, 2014

Kimse Yok Mu refutes pro-gov't dailies' allegations

Turkish charity Kimse Yok Mu (Is Anybody There?) issued a written statement on Monday refuting allegations raised by pro-government dailies Sabah and Takvim on the same day.

In reference to the Sabah daily's story titled “They were ripped off by Kimse Yok Mu” and the Takvim daily's story “Turns out there is nobody,” the statement by Kimse Yok Mu said that both news reports are entirely false.

According to the statement, the charitable organization has gone through three audits over the past year, and the charity demanded to see the audit report alleged to have been prepared by the Interior Ministry and mentioned in the news stories, but no such report was delivered.

The aid organization also stated that it is planning to press charges in response to the baseless allegations featured in the stories in question. The charity received the requests of auditors in writing and replied to them, also in writing, including responding to the issues mentioned in the two stories according to the statement.

The statement also said that Kimse Yok Mu, which is a member of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), was previously awarded by the Turkish Parliament and also received many prizes, medals and orders of merit from 113 countries for its humanitarian services.

Kimse Yok Mu works based on the principle of transparency; therefore, it included a “reports based on countries” section to its website in April 2014, according to the statement. “However, in this section, we have not issued any reports on Somalia, so far,” the statement continued, adding that the newspapers' claim that the Somali report was removed from the website was fictional. Referring to an official statement by the Foreign Ministry, which is dated Feb. 16, 2014, the charity also noted that banking does not exist in Somalia; hence, payments are made in cash and the monetary sources to be used in the charity were dispatched to the country in person, like the Turkish government itself does. The statement added that all such financial aid by Kimse Yok Mu has been documented at every stage and notified to officials. Somalia ranks second as the country receiving the most aid from Kimse Yok Mu, after Turkey, according to the statement.

Published on Today's Zaman, 08 September 2014, Monday