September 27, 2014

Kimse Yok Mu non-profit defies government-led character assasination

The chairman of Kimse Yok Mu, a leading non-profit aid-organization, has challenged a government-sponsored smear campaign perpetrated by the Sabah newspaper.

In early September, the pro-government Sabah daily released an article alleging that a 2011 Interior Ministry inspection report found irregularities in the aid organization’s efforts in Somalia.

Kimse Yok Mu President İsmail Cingöz retaliated against the speculations, stating: “officials have refused our request to see the so-called inspection report the pro-government Sabah newspaper is referring to. We are being subjected to a smear and defamation campaign from the government – filled slander and lies and strong-arm media tactics.”

“There is a clear character assassination against our organization," said Cingöz, adding "Make no mistake, if these conspiracies against us continue we will defend our rights to the fullest. No aid organization has ever been subjected to the obstructions as Kimse Yok Mu Not in the history of the Turkish Republic.”

International presence

“As a non-profit we have provided aid to 113 nations across the globe from more than three million donors.

In the last Eid holiday we had the opportunity to meet with seven of our volunteers in Africa, all of whom were African. Some of them were recent converts to Islam. Our goal is to build 1,000 schools in Africa.

While political so-called 'Islamists’ were chanting slogans, our aid vehicles were in Gaza, on the ground, providing aid.

Our organization is officially a registered partner of the United Nations. We are currently working the UN aiding Syrian refugees in Turkey.”

Inspection track record

“Kimse Yok Mu has gloriously passed a three month inspection of AGN International with flying colors. It does not matter if you do 43 inspections. If the government is so set on fabricating false inspection reports than don’t even waste our time with inspection process.”

Backstabbing from the government

“We are paying the price for being on the forefront of President Erdoğan’s call to provide aid Somalia. When Erdoğan called upon aid to be provided to Somalia we were the first ones to accede.”

“Instead of appreciating our efforts in education and health they (the government and the media it controls) are angered by our success. We have conducted ourselves transparently, while a parliamentary inquiry in 2013 revealed that another aid organization held on to TL 56 million it was supposed to deliver to Somalia.”

Aid organization caught in Erdoğan’s attacks on the Hizmet

The non-profit is strongly affiliated with the Hizmet Movement of Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen.

Erdoğan has openly been targeting the Hizmet movement blaming it for allegedly attempting to topple over his government.

Critics of Erdoğan however believe that the public campaign is an attempt by Erdoğan to silence dissent and cover up corruption allegations.

Published on BGNNews, 27 September 2014, Saturday