August 14, 2014

Kimse Yok Mu donation booth for Gaza

Kimse Yok Mu Foundation’s Kahramanmaras chapter (an southeastern Turkish province) has taken yet another action to extend a hand to Palestine. Its volunteers have set a donation booth for Gaza people going through extremely hard times due to the Israel attacks since the month of Ramadan. They will send the donations to Palestine right away.

The chapter director Mustafa Timurbanga spoke on their efforts for Gaza. They have been trying to deliver assistance to the city through the local official institutions as it has lost connection with the rest of the world due to the blockade. “Gaza is among our most assisted cities. For the past one month, in particular, our assistance has been going on increasingly. We have served iftar dinners for 13 thousand people including 5 thousand orphans and needy families who sought refugee in a school building by UN. 3 thousand families received food aid, 2 thousand 200 received household items besides 50 houses renovated by our volunteers. Additionally, 350 families have been receiving blankets, 300 clothing and 2 thousand children daily milk and otorhinolaryngology surgeries. Moreover, we have opened water wells at service of 60 thousand and vocational training and language schools for the orphan. Our recently launched 100 thousand dollar worth electronic library also has been serving 60 thousand Gaza students.”

Speaking on the booths located in downtown, Timurbanga said, “Living conditions in Gaza are extremely harsh. In order to be able to ease it, as KYM Kahramanmaras chapter, we have set up two donation booths in downtown. Our volunteers have been trying hard to increase the donations. Besides Gaza, we have our Turkmen brothers next door fleeing the ISIS oppression. We have started our aid drive for those who had to leave their homes and sought refuge in Turkey due to the terrorist attacks of ISIS in Iraq. Our Erzurum chapter gave away 1,200 food packages for those refuges last week. We will channel the donations to these people as well. We’ve been delivering donations to Gaza through our Jerusalem mission and local institutions. I kindly ask our giving Turkish people for their donations so that we can increasingly continue our efforts.”

Published [in Turkish] on Bugun, 12 August 2014, Tuesday