July 15, 2014

Ugandan ambassador calls for Turkish investment in his country

Uganda’s ambassador to Turkey, Agara Olwa, encouraged the Konya businessmen to invest in Uganda. Konya’s Active Businessmen and Industrialists (AKTISAD) hosted the ambassador at a meeting. “Come invest in our country. We have petroleum, tourism, mines, agricultural lands and natural resources. And you have financing. Let us bring these together,” the ambassador said. Olwa went on to say, “Uganda is located in central Africa. With its 35 million population, our country is a member of the East Africa Union. We can therefore access all over the African continent. So we offer many trade opportunities. The Ugandan government offers considerable incentives for private enterprises as well. Uganda is a politically and economically stable country. We are ready to support whoever would like to engage in trade in every way. We hold the raw material needed. Let us bring this raw material with the entrepreneurship and funds Turkey owns. We can provide you any information needed regarding investing.”

AKTISAD’s Chairman, Soner Cesur, expressed their pleasure to have the ambassador Olwa and hope to initiate trade ties between Uganda and Turkey. “Such meetings are of great importance for our members. We know that Uganda is among the leading countries in Africa. The information Mr. Olwa gave us means a lot to us. We too would like to promote Uganda-Turkey trade relations and foster our ties with the African continent. I would like to thank Turkey’s Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON) and ANSIFED for their critical role in Turkish businessmen’s expansion globally.” Cesur noted that AKTISAD intends to organize a business trip to Uganda shortly.

Published [in Turkish] on Cihan, 2 July 2014, Wednesday