July 4, 2014

Turkish army denies general may be dismissed

Turkish army has denied reports that one of its generals is not "favored by the government" and that the authorities are seeking his purge because of alleged links to the Hizmet movement.

In a denial statement the Turkish army sent to this newspaper, it recalled a July 4 column by Lale Kemal who included rumors in her article that one general who was allegedly going to be purged is "speculated to be Turkish Land Forces Cdr. Gen. Hulusi Akar." She was referring to a news report published in the Akşam daily earlier this week, which claimed that one unnamed commander -- in addition to 40 unnamed generals and admirals -- was going to be allegedly purged.

"In the column, statements about Land Forces Cdr. Gen. Hulusi Akar don't base on any tangible information and documents and are completely ill-intentioned and untrue," the army said.

Kemal also included rumors in her column that Akar has the potential to replace Gen. Necdet Özel and become the next chief of General Staff.

The Akşam daily's report on 40 generals and admirals within the army that has links to the Hizmet movement was denied by the Turkish army, President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Published on Today's Zaman, 04 July 2014, Friday

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