July 9, 2014

Gülen’s lawyer files criminal complaint over anti-Hizmet plot

Nurullah Albayrak, lawyer of Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, filed a criminal complaint against officials who gave orders to carry out unlawful investigation against Hizmet Movement inspired by Gülen.

In June, Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor Serdar Coşkun sent an order to the Ankara Police Department and its Anti-smuggling and Organized Crime Bureau (KOM) on June 11 to carry out a secret and unlawful investigation into the Hizmet movement. As part of the investigation, the prosecutor asked the police to find out what the “parallel structure” -- a reference to the Hizmet movement -- is exactly, who its members are, what the objectives of the group are, how it is organized and what its human and financial resources are.

Prosecutor Coşkun also asked KOM to cooperate with the Ankara Police Department Counter-terrorism Unit to find out if the Hizmet movement is an armed group and if it can be considered a terrorist organization.

Speaking to the reporters, Albayrak said orders and documents concerning the investigation are totally unlawful and they seek their rights to end such unlawfulness.

Published on Cihan, 09 July 2014, Wednesday