July 25, 2014

Cambodian General: Turkish schools are building bridges between two countries

The spokesman for the Cambodian Ministry of Defense General Chhum Socheat said the Turkish schools in his country are functioning as bridges between Turkey and Cambodia.

The spokesman for the Cambodian Defense Ministry Chhum Socheat, the ministry’s undersecretaries, various staff members and the press, attended the iftar dinner by the Turkish-initiated Mekong Dialogue Institute. On behalf of the ministry, General Socheat said Zaman International schools functions as bridges between Turkey and Cambodia. “These schools remove the distances between the two countries, which are, in fact, geographically far away from each other. And the Turkish and Cambodian people are able to better know each other.” Recalling that Zaman International Schools are the first Turkish-run enterprise in the country, the general said the locals know of Turks through these schools.

The general went on to say Mekong Dialogue Institute president Hakan Atasever on the institute’s mission briefed him, prior to the dinner,. “Hakan gave me some valuable information. They are doing great things. I will waste no time to tell about the values I have learnt from him to my family and friends. Socheat expressed his wishes of peace and healing in Ramadan for the Turkish and Cambodian people.

Published [in Turkish] on Cihan, 10 July 2014, Thursday