July 26, 2014

Aid delivery to Gaza continues under bombardments

Turkish charity organization Kimse Yok Mu managed to deliver aid supplies in worth of 76 thousand USD to war torn Gaza Strip despite fierce bombardments by Israel.

Kimse Yok Mu, one the most active charity organizations inside Gaza delivers food, water and other necessary provisions to thousands of war weary Gazans. Underscoring the vital importance of food and healthcare supplies these days in the blocked strip, Gaza representative of Kimse Yok Mu Nasser al-Sadi stated that aids coming from Turkey are lifesaving.

"Despite Israeli forces indiscriminately spray bullets on civilians or aid volunteers, we distribute food and water generally to old, ill or to people who lost their homes," al-Sadi says.

Kimse Yok Mu have been operating in Gaza since 2006 with dozens of relief projects such as building hospitals, shelters, education assistance and orphans. The relief organizations managed to drill water well which provides 60 thousand Gazans with drink water. Until now, Kimse Yok Mu has delivered in the worth of more than 10 million USD aid supplies those who in need in Gaza.

Published on Cihan, 25 July 2014, Friday