June 6, 2014

MHP submits question over allegation of FBI file

Özcan Yeniçeri, a deputy from Turkey's opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), has submitted a parliamentary question to Interior Minister Efkan Ala asking whether it is true that the Interior Ministry gave a file about the activities of the Hizmet movement, led by Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, to an FBI delegation that visited Turkey.

Yeniçeri listed several questions and a request that Ala reply to them. “Is it true that the activities of the 'parallel structure' in a file titled 'The Fethullah Gülen Movement' was given to an FBI delegation from the US during its visit in Turkey? If yes, by whom and when was the aforementioned file prepared? What information does the file include? Has the aforementioned file been shared with other intelligence agencies in other countries? Which units, departments and people within the state has the file been shared with? Was the aforementioned file shared with the Constitutional Court? If not, why not?” Yeniçeri asked in his parliamentary question.

Published on Cihan, 06 June 2014, Friday