August 26, 2013

Newlyweds donate $40K wedding jewelries to Tanzania

An Usak (an Aegean province in Turkey) businessman living in Tanzania, Ubeyd Yesil, and his new bride donated their 40 thousand dollar worth wedding jewelries to the university dorm and water wells to be established in Tanzania.

Having graduated from Yamanlar Schools, completed his university studies in Tokyo and received English language education in New York, Ubeyd Yesil settled in Tanzania last year to start his business career. He recently got married to Nurefsan, which was arranged by their parents. The wedding ceremony took place in Usak.

At the ceremony, the young couple handed all the jewelry gifts by the guests to the officials from Tanzania. Ubeyd Yesil, who engages in construction materials business in Tanzania, said, “I’ve been engaging in trade in Darussalam for one and half year, as a distributor of four Turkey-based factories. And together with our friends involved in schooling in Tanzania, we have been making efforts for Tanzania’s tomorrows.

Noting that she had previously lived in Pakistan for her father’s business, Nurefsan Yesil said, “I agreed without giving a second thought when my husband offered to donate our jewelries. My God accept our donation and let the services carry on.”

“Although I need him in Turkey, Ubeyd preferred to do business with his friends in Tanzania. He approached me before the wedding and said they wanted to donate all their jewelries for schooling services in Tanzania. And I replied: “These are all yours, at your disposal.” I felt so happy and touched. My son and daughter-in-law handed all their jewelries that they received to the officials from Tanzania. My eyes were filled with tears to see such an act,” Ubeyd’s father said.

Published [in Turkish] on Zaman, 24 August 2013, Saturday

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