March 24, 2013

Turkish Day at Missouri State House

Intercultural State House event was jointly held by Niagara Foundation and Turkish American Society of Missouri (TASOM) in the State Capitol, Jefferson City. The cultural event featured Turkish culture and art displays, Turkey trip orientations and presentation of various dishes from Turkish cuisine. During the event, the Turkish delegation led by Missouri representative of Niagara Foundation Ali Durhan and TASOM President Ertugrul Olgundeney interacted with leading state politicians including Senate Chairman Tom Dempsey, Senators Ron Richards, Jolie Justus and Missouri Auditor Tam Sweich, and House Speaker Timothy Jones.

The items discussed and reviewed at the meetings were the recent steady growth that Turkey achieved, prospective cultural and commercial partnerships between Turkey and Missouri, educational, cultural and commercial contributions of Turkish-Americans to their local communities in the US.

Senate Chairman Tom Dempsey and House Speaker Timothy Jones alike noted that they have learned more about the Turkish community, thanks to this cultural day tradition, and they appreciated the community’s events across the state. Senator Joseph Keaveny, Representatives Anne Zerr and T.J Berry presented the activities of the Turkish community in Missouri to Senate members and representatives, which received a standing ovation. Following the nearly one-day event, about 15 state politicians signed up for Turkey trips organized routinely by Niagara Foundation to explore Turkey.

Published on Zaman Amerika, 17 March 2013, Sunday