February 20, 2013

Movie 'Selam' Preparing to Greet Warmly

After two years of filming, the feature movie “Selam”, which depicts the stories of selfless teachers departing for conflict and/or famine ridden countries without a second thought, released a new teaser.

One of the most highly anticipated movies of 2013, Selam is ready to meet movie lovers on March 29, in Turkey. The movie, to be distributed by Warner Bros, is notable for being the first-ever Turkish production shot in 4 countries on 3 different continents.

Selflessness of teachers assured Africans that ‘foreigners’ can show kindness, keep his/her promise, and empathize living among them in the same conditions. Generally exposed to desperation by “white man”, the Africans now have high opinions of them.

*A greeting word in Turkish which also means peace

Published [in Turkish] on Zaman daily, 18 February 2013 Monday

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