February 12, 2013

Kimse Yok Mu Brings Joy to Gaza Orphans

Kimse Yok Mu brought joy to 500 Gaza orphans as it once again extended a compassionate hand those in need.

Kimse Yok Mu has been working non-stop to channel donations and comfort to war-torn Gaza struggling for survival under a heavy blockade. In cooperation with Gaza Peace Association, Kimse Yok Mu held a morale-boosting event for the orphans in Gaza.

500 orphans and their caregivers dined and conversed with the volunteers at the event titled “Kimse Yok Mu Orphans’ Gathering”. Kimse Yok Mu Charity Coordinator Emin Calhanoglu noted that they will always care about and stand by the orphans. “These children are entrusted to us. With compassion, we will identify and regularly follow up the needs in the area.” said Calhanoglu.

Afterwards, gift boxes were distributed to the children. Delighted by the gifts, they cheerfully waved Turkish flags and sang along the Turkish national anthem. Following the dinner, the children had fun with a variety of activities and animated displays. As they were at the center of attention faced with a large group of press, they excitedly waved at the cameras and said hello to Turkey.

Palestinian Vice-Minister thankful to Turkey

Palestinian Vice-Minister of Civil Affairs Mustafa Husni El Sewab gave a speech regarding the significance of initiating and promoting more charity events in the same nature. “I would like to thank Turkish volunteers and philanthropists for their support through “Kimse Yok Mu Gaza Orphans’ Gathering” the vice-minister said.

Tuition assistance to 100 orphans by Kimse Yok Mu

Gaza is home to nearly 20 thousand orphans out of the entire population of 1 million 400 thousand. Those orphans- if fortunate enough- are taken care of by their relatives or neighbors. However, war-hardened Gaza is still in need of helping hands. Kimse Yok Mu has assumed the tuition of, initially, 1000 orphans with its ‘Gaza Orphans Project”. The yearly tuition donation amount has been determined as $360. The donations can be made online at www.kimseyokmu.org.tr.

Published on Haberler.com, 04 February 2013, Monday