September 9, 2012

Different Cultures, Different System: Same Success Story

The recent findings are speaking about the extraordinary achievement Gulen-inspired school demonstrated all over the world so far. There are currently more than 1000 Gulen-inspired schools in more than 110 countries around the world. In the European countries, there are at least a dozen Gulen-inspired schools, and more than 150 smaller educational and cultural centers.

Regardless of the country, high standard of education offered at Gulen-inspired schools has been one of the key factor in parental choice. The schools have been promoting to respect the local culture, language and views. Thus, students in Gulen-inspired schools gain an appreciation of other faiths and cultures as well as their own. For instance, in 2006, approximately 55000 students applied to schools in Kyrgyzstan, yet only 900 students had the opportunity to enter.

Educational perspective of Gulen is the illumination of the mind to science and knowledge, and the lighting of the heart in faith and virtue. This can be accomplished though teachers who are committed to devoting their lives, time and knowledge to teach the younger generations in these educational institutions. Gulen states that many people can be teachers, but only a limited number of people can be educators. This is because Gulen defines education as different from teaching. Although the educator and teacher can impart information and teach skills to students, educators have the ability to assist the personalities of students and build their character through the development of self-discipline.

Gulen-inspired schools are do not share the exactly the same curriculum and most of the staff are from the local region where the school is located. So what makes them successful then?

One of the main factors behind the success of these schools is commitment and dedications that have been presented by teachers and managers. One of the common characteristics of the staff is the commitment to the common goal to make a positive impact to the society. The teachers’ unique approach to the education of their students has constructive impacts and has assisted them to be motivated towards their studies with positive influences on their attitudes.

Mr. Gulen have been preaching about a new approach in the education, through the new educational style, the students are to be given non-material values such as the profundity of ideas, clarity of thought, and depth of feeling. Thus, Gulen’s educational vision aims to embrace societies throughout the world, and would be a solution for various problem that the societies have been facing so far.

Most of the teachers in Gulen-inspired schools believe in the following ideas: The mind and soul are to embrace each other, that conscience and logic are to become complementary depths, that physics and metaphysics are to work together, that schools and homes are to be established to allow the flow of happiness, that purity is not to be damaged, that honesty is not to be abused, that the heart is to pump respect and esteem, and that individuals are to be in harmony with everyone regardless of ethnic, cultural or religious affiliations.

The provision of quality educational service that Gulen inspired schools haven be presented is evident not only in less developed countries, but also in advanced economies which have an internationally comparable advantage in supplying high standards of education.

Published on, 08 September 2012 Saturday