December 29, 2016

As Erdogan consistently destroys Turkey

Chris Suleiman*

It started gradually, and the world failed to pay attention to the cunning way Erdogan started this. It was through the biggest lie of the decade that there was a coup. A coup he planned, plotted and executed alongside his foot soldiers and now, he has succeeded in using that tool to destroy his country.

Yes, I fear Turkey has gotten to the lowest ebb of autocratic leadership, which has degenerated to a level that the citizens seem to have been influenced. Turkish citizens have been subjected to the world worse way of leadership and any anti-social behavior displayed by citizens in that country should not be questioned. The world kept quiet while Turkey was been destroyed through the handiwork of Erdogan the Emperor.

The coming of Erdogan as the leader of that once beautiful and loving country can only be described as a calamity. To say the least, it is pathetic to have somebody of Erdogan’s character as a leader.

The culture of hatred and primitive intolerance has grown beyond the imagination of the world. I am not sure the world is aware of this level of crime Erdogan has committed against the human race. It is on record that his regime seized 54 journalists assets just because they didn’t support his wicked policies, which many Turkish citizens allegedly tagged corrupt. They said Erdogan’s government represents everything called unlawfulness.

The citizens complain, particularly about some pictures that practically show how intolerant Turks have grown to be under Erdogan, that outright hatred for a particular festival was shown openly in Turkey. This is sad, it has never happened, citizens of the country affirmed. How can a country like Turkey be reduced to this primitive and archaic way of life?

An angry citizen of Turkey said recently of the ugly development, “Once Turkey was most hospitable and tolerant country because of the harmony it had but Erdogans’ political change toward hatred gave a birth to high level of intolerance among Turkish nationals.”

There is growing concerns that Turkey has slided into a police state. It is only in a police state you can witness what is happening in Turkey. There are credible information that every day, 55 social media user names are given to the prosecutor in Turkey, 23 are taken into custody, while nine of them are arrested.

I believe that world should be worried about this, it was gathered that in Turkey, between 2011-2016, 1,313 ISIS sympathizers were arrested while 40,832 Hizmet Movement sympathizers are in jail by Dec 15, 2016. This should worry the world, and I am disturbed that world leaders did not bother to probe Erdogan’s link to this dreaded terror group the ISIS.

His obsession about members of the Hizmet movement is satanic and worse than witchcraft that the world must stop him. He has expended energy to tarnish the image of the Gulen-inspired movement, while his name has constantly been linked to the world most dreaded terrorist, yet the world has not deem it fit to probe his involvement.

For Turkey, it is a slide that the world should pray they recover from, but truth be told, Erdogan has satanically destroyed Turkey and it is gradually getting to a point of no return.

*Abuja Editor of Authentic News Daily

Published on Authentic News Daily, 29 December 2016, Thursday