July 26, 2016

According to English information, Erdogan had planned to charge the putsch to Gülen

Focus magazine claimed that the Turkish powers decided to charge the coup d'état attempt to Fethullah Gülen, half an hour after the uprising. The German weekly builds on interceptions by English intelligence calls, emails and SMS of the members of the Government.

The German magazine Focus reported in its latest issue that the service of electronic information of the Government of the United Kingdom (Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ) had intercepted calls, emails and SMS of the leaders of the AKP (party to power in Turkey) to accuse Fethullah Gulen of plotting the coup on Friday, July 15.

Co-authored by Frank Nordhausen and Josef Hufelschulte, the article says that: "half an hour after the fire began, British Intelligence Agency GCHQ intercepted calls, emails and SMS from Turkish Government saying that the purges would begin the next day and that Gülen should be presented as the instigator of the coup d 'état".

Ilhan Tanir, Cumhuriyet in Washington correspondent, also relayed the information.

Condemned to stay or information supposedly such inaudible in a context where the steamroller was deployed by the authority to the attempted coup to Fethullah Gülen and his supporters.

Made aware of sedition by their brother-in-law and their friends, president Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim had not hesitated, from the first minute of the uprising, accusing the "parallel structure" while the intelligence service (MIT) had been unable to provide one any information on the imminence of a such coup.

"It is a gift from God," yet was one of the first reactions of the Erdogan. The next day, thousands of military, police, magistrates, teachers, public servants, journalists, were suspended or arrested, in the light of the lists that had been previously prepared.

Published in French on Zaman France, 25 July 2016, Monday
English version retrieved from Mali's News, 26 July 2016, Tuesday