February 23, 2016

Court annuls blocking of 21 private hospitals to social security

The Council of State has annulled a decision made by the Social Security Institution (SGK) not to renew contracts with 21 privately run hospitals.

Speaking to the Özgür Düşünce daily on Monday, Yüksel Cora, lawyer for Fatih University Medical Faculty Hospital, said the SGK had one month to implement the decision of the Council of State and renew the contracts of the private hospitals.

The SGK announced on Dec. 24 of last year that all private hospitals were required to renew their contracts with the institution so that they could continue to offer services to patients covered by SGK health insurance. Fatih University Medical Faculty Hospital was one of 21 hospitals whose contracts were not renewed by the SGK.

As a result of the SGK's decision, those hospitals could not offer services to patients covered by SGK health insurance and were denied access to the bill-tracking system called Medula started by SGK on Jan. 1, preventing doctors and pharmacists from entering prescriptions into the system.

The 21 hospitals are run by people close to the Gülen (Hizmet) movement, whose philosophy is inspired by Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen.

Published on Today's Zaman, 22 February 2016, Monday