September 3, 2015

This is the time to speak

Gültekin Avcı

The history of oppression and oppressors is the history of deceiving creation.

There are stories of trying to make rivers flow backwards and the sun rise from the west.

Each book that is burned illuminates the world by its scorched lines.

Every pen the oppressors break paints the world by the ink it contains.

And each idea under despotic siege echoes in the corners of the planet.

Just as the whole world learned about the news of weapons and ammunition sent to ISIL, which was documented by this newspaper the day it was raided.

The operation against this media group was carried out the same day the news was published, which suggests the message: “This is the fate that awaits you if you make news about the AKP’s weapon shipment to ISIL.”

Remember the investigation on the Cumhuriyet daily and Can Dündar in May, following the news on weapon delivery to ISIL.

We are facing a tyrannical invasion.

Because they do not rely on the Constitution.

Because they do not show any sign or act of violence.

If you want to talk of financing terror, you need to demonstrate the violent acts of the “organization” that you claim is being financed.

You need to show proof of illegal/unchecked capital flows that are not indicated by bank records or official documents.

At the outset of an investigation, when a search warrant based on reasonable doubt is needed, there must be concrete evidence or documents supporting these “doubts”. (ECtHR/Labita-Italy ruling.)

The unlawful raid organized against our media group does not contain any of these requirements, but beyond that, it also lacks the conditions demanded by the ECHR, the Constitution and the Criminal Procedure Code.

Yet, there is an organized search.

It is based on judge decision.

What are we supposed to think of it, then?

Even if carried out as a governmental or judicial act, any illegal doings deliberately performed within the state hierarchy/apparatus is defined as gang activity.

Illegal orders or decisions given or taken by the President, Prime Minister, a judge or prosecutor do not change the unlawful nature of a gang activity or organized acts of crime.

No signature or order by a legally authorized governmental office may exonerate or decriminalize a lawless activity.

Hence, the operation against our media group and Akın İpek is an organized activity of crime.

The aim is to inflict an exemplary punishment in order to formalize the current one-man regime and establish a Ba’ath-like AKP rule.

In Turkey, there is still a civilian coup and interim regime.

It is no different than a military junta.

Getting a 40 percent vote in the elections does not legitimize the slaying of justice.

What was Kenan Evren’s fault, then?

He had much more popular support than the AKP when he staged the coup. His Constitution was approved by 93 percent of the population. Erdoğan’s 2011 referendum to amend the Constitution got only 58 percent.

Any fascist regime likes to manipulate the public’s eyes and ears to reinforce their own rule, and that is exactly what the AKP wants to do today.

That’s why they put pressure on the media.

However, this is the beginning of a suicide.

The fact is; critical media is instrumental in relieving the rage in communities opposed to the government. Harsh reproof of the ruling party will calm infuriated masses.

On the other hand, it is a fundamental right and freedom, as reiterated by the ECHR, that society be informed about the actions of the administration.

I would like to remind all non-pool media about the following:

Until now, Erdoğan succeeded in pitching opposed groups within the critical media against each other.

However, it is essential for all free press organs to have an active media.

Protesting against despotism is synonymous with claiming your own life and future.

Complaining about the dirt one someone else’s skirt will not save your life on the way to the gallows.

First save your life, and feel free then to denounce whomever you like, or to distance yourself with anyone you like.

Now is the time to get together, leaving behind all disagreements and preconditions.

Now is the time for reconciliation and solidarity.

For tomorrow, everything you said may turn out worthless.

For maybe, there will be no tomorrow for you.

Published on BGNNews, 3 September 2015, Thursday