May 4, 2015

Philippine army presents honor award to Turkish charity for 3rd time

Civilian Operations Command of Philippines army presented honor award to Turkish Kimse Yok Mu charity organization for its serious efforts and aid deliveries in the country.

Philippine army presents honor award to Kimse Yok Mu

Hizmet Movement affiliated Kimse Yok Mu charity organization received honor award three years in a row by Philippines authorities while the charity’s multilateral activities continuing in the country. Along with aid campaigns, Kimse Yok Mu’s ASYA search and rescue team actively contributed the rescue works after devastating Haiyan typhoon hit the country 2013.

Philippines’ Civilian Operations Command also requested to deliver this year’s award to the founder of Hizmet movement Mr. Fethullah Gülen for his encouraging organizations such as Kimse Yok Mu. General Manager of International Turkish Schools in Philippines Malik Gencer received the award from Civilian Operations Commander Colonel of Philippine army Arnulfo Marcelo B. Burgos on behalf of Gülen.

Col. Burgos: We are pleased to cooperate with Kimse Yok Mu and Turkish community

Speaking to Cihan News Agency after the brief award giving ceremony, Col. Burgos stated that as Civilian Operations Command of Philippines army, we have worked together with Integrative Center for Alternative Development (ICAD) Foundation which also incorporates Turkish schools, Turkish Trade Chamber in Philippines and Kimse Yok Mu in many useful organizations.

“I want to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Fethullah Gülen for promoting and leading educational and goodwill campaigns across the world. We witnessed one more time the necessity off such efforts in our country,” Col. Burgos added.

Typhoon Haiyan which hit Philippines in 2013 claimed more than six thousand lives in the country and left huge material damage. Kimse Yok Mu was one of the first international charities reached to the disaster area while Islamic Scholar Fethullah Gülen also wasn’t unconcerned to the disaster and Philippine people and donated USD 10,000 to the aid campaigns in the country.

Published on Cihan, 04 May 2015, Monday

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