April 23, 2015

Nigde physicians offer health screening to needy Kenyans

A volunteer team of physicians at Kimse Yok Mu Nigde chapter went to Kenya to provide health care to the needy in Malindi city, suffering from serious diseases due to undernourishment and scarcity of drinking water.

In cooperation with Association of Global Doctors, the team consisted of eight professionals including six doctors. Under the leadership of KYM director Mustafa Sahin, the team carried out screenings at orphanages, schools and villages across the city. They also performed surgeries at KYM’s Afya Hospital including cataract surgeries, in addition to water wells established.

KYM Nigde director Ozgur Surer said the foundation attaches a high importance to healthcare services to be able to raise healthy generations in the world. “People are dying of very easily curable diseases as they are deprived of even small health care facilities. Cataract disease, emerging particularly in childhood, makes their lives miserable. KYM didn’t remain indifferent to their situation and has been offering hope to them with its health care efforts. It was very moving to see a cataract patient, who was able to see again after surgery, saying, “You gave me my world back.” I would like to thank the donors from Nigde for their donations.”

Published [in Turkish] on Haber46, 1 April 2015, Wednesday