December 20, 2014

Who knew, broadcasting a fictional TV miniseries is terrorism

Amongst the detainees of Sunday’s controversial and internationally lambasted media raids Samanyolu Broadcast Group President Hidayet Karaca provided a 19 page testimony.

The main theme of the questioning, conducted by the prosecutors, at the police station, was fictional TV miniseries which aired on Samanyolu TV between 2007 and 2010.

The prosecutor alleged that the content of the shows aimed to defame a group called Tahşiyeciler and that broadcasting the show was an act of terrorism. Ironically enough, the group was suspected for having had ties to Al Qaeda and had stood trial after an investigation by the Turkish National Intelligence (MİT) in a case well supported by Interior Ministry.

The conspiracy-laden prosecution-questions began with “Who gave the orders to air the miniseries “Tek Türkiye” and “Şefkat Tepe” which were broadcast from 2007 to 2010?” “Were views or orders taken from Fethullah Gülen?”

“Orders are not taken from Mr. Gülen concerning the developments of these TV shows,” noted Hidayet Karaca adding that he had no imput in the development of the shows, “I am the President of the Samanyolu Broadcast Group. My job is administrative. My job does not concern broadcast content or programs. Furthermore I am not a director, producer or scriptwriter. It is not my job, nor would I have any time to deal with such affairs.”

Entirely fictional miniseries produced by independent company

Karaca underlined the fact that at the beginning of each episode of the show that there is a warning that all characters and establishments featured in the show are entirely fictional, adding that “production of the series was conducted by an independent company SER Film AŞ, which has no ties to Samanyolu Group.”

The Samanyolu Broadcast Group President exposed the hypocrisy of the case and the unfair treatment, expressing, “Every week there are hundreds of TV series being aired in which fictional states have been found, and destroyed, crimes committed or organizations taken under. If cases were to be brought to fictional TV shows the entire miniseries’ sector would collapse."


“If tomorrow someone were to target ATV channel for a TV show would Serhat Albayrak be tried as the terrorist organization’s leader?”

“In US-based TV shows and movies, you see entries into Russia, invasions of countries and destruction of states. I wonder has there ever been a armed terror group accusation? To try to interpret a real life terrorist organization out of a fictional TV show must be the funniest topic in the world.”

Fabricated and edited recordings

Karaca was also asked about supposed phone recordings anonymously leaked online, alleged to be between him and Fethullah Gülen, Karaca noted “I have never spoken to Fethullah Gülen on the phone in my entire life,” adding that he had filed a criminal complaint against the fabricated recordings.

New Turkey fears TV shows

Karaca spoke to cameras on his way out of the Eyüp state hospital in İstanbul, where he underwent a medical examination, stating “The New Turkey fears TV shows. A president of a broadcast group is being tried for terrorism, what else can I say.”

Published on BGNNews, 19 December 2014, Friday