December 14, 2014

‘Erdogan and people around, not obey the rule of law, respect media’

Following the claims that a major government-backed police operation to detain many journalists will kick off on Sunday, Bülent Keneş of Today’s Zaman, editor in chief for Turkey’s largest circulated English daily gave an exclusive interview to Cihan News Agency.

Bülent Keneş, whose name was revealed in the list of possible detainees, claimed that Erdogan and people around neither obey the rule of law nor respect the very nature of media. "They try to suppress and oppress us." editor in chief reproached.

Announcing "Turkey is on the edge of a new step of despotism today.", Bülent Keneş shared an information that they we will be detained by Erdoğan police on the base of being part of a terrorist organization and preparing a coup d’etat against 'Erdogan despotism.'
"We expect Erdogan police to come and detain us but we will be neither the first nor last victims of Erdogan despotism. I hope other parts of the Turkish media and Turkish people will awaken and will resist this despotic process of Erdogan."
"We are obeying all the rules and principles of the universal journalism and ethics of journalism." Today’s Zaman editor in chief asserted.

Recalling that Today’s Zaman have been partner of all the positive steps on behalf of the democracy, human rights, freedom taken by Erdogan government in the past Bülent Keneş suggested that they are expected to be “a partner of their sins on the way of anti-democratic processes and violation of human rights and violation of the main, vital principles of the freedoms and the rule of law, supremacy of law.”

Bülent Kenes concluded his words by expressing his vision on Turkey’s future as "I wish we will return back to free life to freer, more independent, more respectful human rights kind of Turkey."

Published on Cihan, 14 December 2014, Sunday