November 12, 2014

Gandhi’s granddaughter heaps praise on Hizmet Movement

Speaking at the Turkuaz Harmony Institute dinner in South Africa, Ela Gandhi expressed high praise for the Hizmet Movement for achieving success beyond its wildest dreams.

In her speech at the 9th Dialogue and Brotherhood Dinner, attended by a number high-profile figures in South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter reflected on her visit to İstanbul, stating “we have seen all the dreams we have spoken about come true.”

Gandhi reflected upon the Hizmet movement’s emphasis on higher education and morality. She recalled a memory from a peace meeting held at the UN in Geneva, hosted by the Journalists and Writers Foundation (GYV), featuring 800 intellectuals from across 50 nations;

“I met a student who expressed that he had prior dreams of becoming wealthy in the pharmaceutical trade, only when he met the Hizmet Movement he realized that wealth and money was not the only important goal in life.” Gandhi added that the student’s story had inspired her.

The Turkuaz Harmony Institute-sponsored program covers 4 provinces in South Africa, aiming to establish bridges across cultural barriers and promote dialogue.

Hizmet, a service to humanity

The Director of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, Dr. Dirk Ficca, highlighted the importance of Fethullah Gülen, whose life story and Hizmet Movement has reached international prominence from humble beginnings in Anatolia.

“The soul that unifies us today is Islamic intellectual Fethullah Gülen,” noted Dr. Ficca adding, “millions inspired by him have been serving humanity across the globe.”

Published on BGNNews, 12 November 2014, Wednesday

Gandhi’s granddaughter: Hizmet movement realized all we dreamed of

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