November 5, 2014

AKP’s war against ’internal enemies’

Orhan Kemal Cengiz

When this government was gaining strength, the military guardianship and the role of the MGK were weakened. And I was very happy for a while that we had put aside this “internal enemies” nonsense and instead we started to talk about crimes, suspects and their rights, and so on.

These days, however, we are unfortunately witnessing the resurrection of this ghost of “internal enemies” once again and the ghost is being called up by this government. The last MGK meeting took more then 10 hours, and the civilians and military personnel discussed whether or not the Gülen movement should be included in the “Red Book,” which we have not heard about for a long time.

The AKP does not want to get rid of “internal enemies” but rather it wants to monopolize the power to declare any group an internal enemy against whom a war may be declared using of all the powers of the state.

Excerpted from author's column on Today's Zaman, 04 November 2014, Tuesday