October 7, 2014

Would Arınç read a decision for war?

Erhan Başyurt, Bugün

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, who had earlier ruled out the Cabinet revoking the right of the Kimse Yok Mu charity organization to collect charitable donations, which turned out to have happened, made a scandalous statement about his earlier remarks.

“When I signed the decision about Kimse Yok Mu, I was not in a position to think for 10 hours about what was happening and why it was happening. We read the introduction to such decisions, but we don't give much heed to them. I am not supposed to think about Kimse Yok Mu all the time; you do it..." he said. It turns out that those who constantly say the elected who represent the will of the people sign decisions that affect millions of people without even reading them. Just think, it is the Cabinet that makes the most sensitive decisions about the country including its security. If ministers sign decisions without even reading them or understanding them, we should be very concerned about Turkey's future, particularly at this time when we have entered an environment of war.

Published on Today's Zaman, 07 October 2014, Tuesday

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