October 13, 2014

NTIC distributes 700 cows

Many people, including orphans, widows and the disabled, benefitted from about 700 cows slaughtered and distributed by the Nigerian Turkish International College (NTIC) Foundation during the Eid el-Kabir celebrations in Abuja last week.

Those who benefited came from 23 states in the country.

“This generous deed by NTIC Foundation has sparked a light of happiness in the in the hearts of many people, it was a breath of pleasure for our representatives to see these people express their gratitude and celebrate in the joy and merriment of Eid al Adha,” a statement from the foundation said.

NTIC has been slaughtering and distributing cattle on behalf of thousands of local and international philanthropists since 2006.

In 2013 an estimated 25, 000 families benefitted from the Sallah meat distributed with an average of 4kg meat received by each individual family.

The executive committee of the Nigerian Turkish International College established the foundation to perform charity activities.

Published on Daily Trust, 13 October 2014, Monday

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