October 7, 2014

Gov't verdict to block Kimse Yok Mu disrupts ongoing projects

The chairman of the nonprofit aid organization Kimse Yok Mu İsmail Cingöz spoke of his concerns that the Cabinet's recent ruling, which revoked the license of the charity to receive donations without government approval, will have a negative impact on all current projects. Cingöz fears that dozens of ongoing construction projects for hospitals, orphanages, and schools will not be completed due to the government's verdict.

He said he believed the government was intentionally trying to block his charity work: "We will hold a meeting on Wednesday morning with our lawyers. The İstanbul governor's office asked us to stop the current campaigns. Demanding that all campaigns stop will disturb activities. In our work, we open hospitals, orphanages, soup kitchens, there are many things in process. If everything just stops, many things we've promised to do will be simply left undone.”

Prevention efforts is “oppression”

Cingöz stressed that blocking the association's charities is a form of cruelty.

"The decision will disrupt aid to people in need, and it makes me worry. We have ongoing construction of an orphanage in Bishkek and in Iraqi Kurdistan, school projects for Syrian refugees' children, the construction of two hospitals in Ethiopia are still under way, a soup kitchen for Syrian refugees in Kilis. I feel great concern for those who need our help,” he said.

“Government will not permit new projects”

Chairman Cingöz spoke of his next move. Kimse Yok Mu is planning to apply to the governor for the permission to perform free cataract surgeries in Syria, the Gaza Strip and in some African countries. According to Cingöz, If Kimse Yok Mu gets this permission, this project will continue. If not, “all the Turkish people will witness who is actually trying to stop aid in this region.”

Published on BGNNews, 07 October 2014, Tuesday