October 3, 2014

Ethiopia: Ethiopian and Turkish Business Tycoons Met

Ethiopian and Turkish business tycoons met here in Ethiopia at the Ethiopian Chambers of Commerce and Sectoral Associations’ office for the purpose of surfing business opportunities in the two countries.

The Turkish delegation was led by CEOs for iNSiAD, TUSKON, MARiFED companies in Turkey. During the occasion INSIAD’s President, Ahmet Akiskali, noted; “We see Ethiopia as Africa’s biggest business opportunity”. He furthered Turkish business tycoons are yet to be opened for the world as more interest is growing towards Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (ECCSA) Secretary General Gashaw Debebe on his part welcomed the Turkish business delegates and addressed the potential sectors the two economies can cooperate on.

He further noted an international trade fair has been organized by ECCSA to be held between Turkey and Ethiopia. The trade fairs will be held at the capital of the two cities in November.

The Turkish business delegates on their part recalled there is a multibillion-dollar investment already set up by Turkish companies in Ethiopia.

According to The Reporter, the three companies that signed a memorandum of understanding with ECCSA some six months ago finally resulted in an Ethio-Turkish Business Summit held in Ethiopia in May which highlighted the ever-growing trade and investment links between the two countries as Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn hailed it, as a lot of Turkish companies have become promoters of Ethiopia over the last decade.

Published on 2Merkato, 03 October 2014, Friday