September 16, 2014

Without any justification, signboards of Hizmet-affiliated school removed

Signboards of a prep school which is associated with Hizmet Movement, inspired by Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, were removed by municipality officials without offering any justification in Balıkesir province on late Monday.

A team from Balıkesir Municipality arrived at Zağnos Körfez prep school and began to remove signboards with a crane. When lawyers of the school asked for a court order on the removal, the officials replied there was not any court order. The lawyers and principal of the school called the police over the removal without any justification. However, the police did not take any legal action against illegal removal.

Speaking to Cihan news agency, one of the lawyers Mehmet Ali Yıldız said the removal was totally unlawful and the prep school management had not been informed about the action beforehand, which is a legal obligation. Yıldız further stated that they will seek their rights by filing a complaint about the removal at the prosecution office.

Published on Cihan, 16 September 2014, Tuesday